Helping successful professionals create the life they desire by creating a plan to acquire assets that generate passive income, without sinking deeper into the weeds of their career or a new business.



Helping successful professionals create the life they desire by creating a plan to acquire assets that generate passive income, without sinking deeper into the weeds of their career or a new business.

About Steven

Steven Pesavento

High Performance Coaching Expert, Principal & Trusted Advisor at VonFinch Capital, and Host of the Investor Mindset Podcast

I’m from a small town in Minnesota and wanted to do two things growing up: Be a Chef like Emerald Lugosi or renovate houses like Bob Villa.

I graduated from St. John’s University in 2011, and took my first “real job” in Management Consulting. It was a great way to start, but there was no passion for it.

I doubled my salary with every new job, but I realized that chasing money wasn’t the key to happiness. (But being broke wasn’t fun either!)

After many industries and a few businesses later I had to ask myself, “What do I want in my life?” Real estate is what kept surfacing…

So I took the leap.

I listened to every podcast, book, mentor, and speaker I could find.  I needed to learn everything I could, as fast as I could.  I still do that to this day.

Within the first two and a half years, we bought 200+ properties in multiple states, renovated nearly 100 properties, and have been entrusted with over $12 million of investor capital delivering consistent returns.

In my investment firm, VonFinch Capital, I work with elite executives and entrepreneurs to provide passive investment opportunities so people can focus on growing the bottom line of their business and family life all while taking advantage of the upside of owning real estate.

Our focus is the Multifamily Real Estate space.  This is where we make the biggest impact working with high-income earners and assisting them in creating passive wealth and cash flow.

Steven Pesavento Hiking

High Performance Coach

As a High Performance Coach and active real estate investor, I help successful professionals create the life they desire by creating a plan to acquire assets that generate passive income without sinking deeper into the weeds of their career or a new business. I strive to create radical change by providing you with the tools, strategies, and distinctions you need to master your business, improve your personal life, and skyrocket your full potential.

Through real estate I’ve found a new mission in life:  Help others live a better life every day, have fun, and make money.  I feel like I’m well on my way.

When I’m not coaching or investing, I love running daily, cooking, traveling, hiking or learning something new that I know will change my life or the lives of others.

Oh, and even though being a professional chef didn’t work out, you’ll still find me in the kitchen. 

High Performance Coaching

You’re reaching your goals, but you’re still struggling to create the freedom and income you deserve.

No one prepares you for what comes next after you’re on a path to success. Whether you’ve built your business from the ground up, gotten the house of your dreams for your family, or finally worked your way up to the salary you know you deserve, it can feel paralyzing to realize that the sense of satisfaction and freedom you were striving for is just not there.

At this stage of your success, you should be doing what you want, but feel you’re stuck doing what you have to instead. You feel like your career is running you instead of the other way around. You’re frustrated and tired of trying to figure out what’s missing, and have no idea how to get out of this cycle and into the next phase towards financial freedom. Regardless of what you’ve achieved thus far, the only way to bring your success and your life to the next level is to Name Your Number.

I teach driven high performers how to set specific and actionable targets in order to gain the time, freedom and passive income that turns a success story into a true legacy…all without putting more work on your plate. By creating a step by step plan that fits your goals, schedule, and needs, you will get out of the weeds of your life as your profits and freedom grow, creating the scalable growth to fuel your legacy and allow you to take full control of your life.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Hear what others had to say about my high performance coaching.

The trainings within this group have been worth every penny. They’ve seriously changed my life. Thank you!

Marinella G. - Coaching Client

The coaching you gave within the training was super valuable. I never expected to get that kind of support 1-1. Thank you so much!

Emily H. - Coaching Client

Thank you so much for everything. This past month, I closed $26k in deals, my biggest month ever!

Tim B. - Coaching Client

What Others Are Saying
About VonFinch Capital

“[I have] known Steven for about four years now, and have invested in several deals with VonFinch, which have worked out fantastic.

I've always found Steven to be a super hardworking, conscientious, diligent, takes care of any particular issues that come up on the projects.

I plan on investing in future deals with Steven and VonFinch and would recommend the same to other investors as well.”

Mike Foley - Passive Investor

…. “I’m a full-time investor. I flipped over 1,000 houses. I have 20 million lent out to flippers in different markets around the country. We see a lot of different investors in different ways. I have to tell you that VonFinch is at the top of the list, with regard to quality and ethics and doing what they say.

Thank you very much, Steven and VonFinch. Appreciate everything you guys do. Glad to work with you guys again in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Matt Owens - Chief Executive Officer, OCG Properties

“I invested in Steven Pesavento’s company [VonFinch Capital].
It was a positive experience, and they were very thorough in communication on the front end and all throughout the process, all the way until the exit.

We’re actually talking again on how I can invest in the projects that he’s got going on in his company. So appreciate you, Steven, everything you’re doing, look forward to working with you again soon.”

Chris Bounds - Active Realtor and team leader of Bounds Realty Group

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